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Professione Doc Wine provides a complete and detailed management of farmlands and combines the land registry records with information connected to the use of lands and their physical/productive features.

Professione Doc Wine enables the creation of GIS maps, overlapping on different levels: land registry maps, thematic land cartography, technological facility maps, aerial photography maps and plant health maps drawn by the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and maps based on variable rate technology (VRT).

GIS maps represent a key element of Precision Farming which takes advantage of a wide selection of technological tools (GIS information, sensors and environmental probes) in order to oversee more efficiently the plantation in respect of specific farming requirements other than biochemical and physical land features (smart farming).

Professione Doc WIne - Cartografia cartografia solomappa  Advantages
  • smart equipment management
  • functional use of agrochemicals and fertilizers
  • waste reduction (economic and energy saving)
  • product quality improvement

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